PMD: Hanging in The Balance

51: Everyone is Present!

January 24th, 2017, 6:21 pm
Huh, a page with nothing important. This is exactly what we needed in this pointlessly long chapter.
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Malc Modnar January 24th, 2017, 6:30 pm
You know, this page raises an important question.

How did they keep that grass alive down there? The guild was underground, and I'm pretty sure it saw a lot of foot traffic. How was it not all trampled to death/wilted away?
VelvetRainbow January 24th, 2017, 7:46 pm
@Malc Modnar: a very good question, one I don't have a definite answer to. I only left the grass because the ground was kind of boring without it. That might be why the original artists put it there, actually, all the pants add more color to the otherwise very brown looking guild

Or maybe it's some kind of freaky synthetic grass only Pokemon know how to create. Who knows?