PMD: Hanging in The Balance

61: Drenched Bluff

September 26th, 2017, 4:08 pm
Drenched bluff would be a lovely place, if it weren't for the dense fog and the slippery rocks. And if it weren't a Mystery Dungeon.
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NeonUmbreon September 26th, 2017, 8:19 pm
too much fog indeed
Shotgun Chuck September 26th, 2017, 9:03 pm
"Frick, I think I've been spotted."
JollySyko (Guest) September 27th, 2017, 2:21 pm
ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril September 28th, 2017, 9:20 am
*world of tanks' sixth sense alert*
*metal gear solid enemy alert*
*payday 2 100% detection alert*
VelvetRainbow September 28th, 2017, 7:24 pm
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: You can also add the security level increase alert from Persona 5 to that list
Guest Who (Guest) October 6th, 2017, 5:21 am
Don't bother. They're bluffing.
KillerTheSylveon March 21st, 2018, 10:22 pm
@Guest Who: *Facepalm*
VelvetRainbow October 15th, 2017, 12:54 pm
@AShinyFemaleEevee: Whoops she's just a really bad fakemon. Not related to an eevee in any way, but the colors are too similar.
Firelord6127 June 11th, 2019, 1:29 pm